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GPNVG-18, PVS 31, night vision goggles order from Russia


A professional night vision distributor from Russia send inquiry to us and very interested in night vision housing, they confirm that they can get the tubes by themself, so they choose the housing and packed by safety case on GPNVG-18, PVS 31, night vision goggles with battery packs and mounts.

Then a fast shipping way to Russia recommend to them, they accept, well there is another problem on payment, Russia could not pay USD at moment, so recommend customer another 3 ways on the payment:

  1. 1. Open a China RMB bank account and pay RMB to us;
  2. 2. Transfer the money by Westenunion;
  3. 3. Pay it from Aliexpress, well Aliexpress will charge 8% service cost, which customer should be paid.

Finally, considering the order is urgent, customer choose the third way for the way, then we create the payment link for payment.