Lindu optics has strong optical design ability. Its design team not only has strong design ability for the same axis optical system of traditional optical system (eyeglass, white light aiming, microscope), but also has strong design ability for non coaxial optical system, relay, magnification conversion and professional micro projection optical system.

In the field of night vision optical system design, the optical design team of Lindu optics is more proficient, and has designed high-performance optical systems suitable for various night vision system applications. We have designed the objective lens system with different magnification for both digital and traditional low light level light, high-definition eyepiece system with small target surface and large field of view, sighting system, ultra short range optical inverted image visual system, coaxial defocus zoom lens, dual light path splitting fusion system and so on.

In addition, Lindu optics also designs optical systems for special applications such as machine vision objective lens system, telecentric objective lens system for measurement, fundus imaging system, coaxial dual field of view system for other companies.

The optical system designed by Lindu optics not only has high optical index, low design cost and large design redundancy, but also has unique ability in optical structure design. Its optical assembly structure is simple, the structure strength is high, and the stray light extinction effect is good, which ensures the good rate of mass production and product consistency.

Based on the design experience and ability of Lindu optics, the optical design team not only ensures the excellent quality and cost advantages of Lindu optics products, but also designs customized and personalized products that fully meet the needs of customers according to the wishes of customers, laying a solid foundation for the marketing promotion of customers.