Lindu optics has strong mechanical structure design ability. Its structural team not only has strong design ability for traditional photoelectric product system, but also has a lot of design experience and design ability for lens installation structure, mechanical transmission structure, waterproof structure and other product structures of emerging digital optoelectronic, thermal imaging photoelectric, photo photoelectric products.

In the field of photoelectric imaging structure, the focusing structure designed by the structural design team can be assembled directly without grinding, which can make the product have a good focusing handle. Under the conditions of ensuring the connection strength of moving parts, anti fatigue use, strong impact resistance, high pressure waterproof and other requirements, the focus structure designed by the structural design team can ensure that the product does not adjust the virtual position, uses low processing progress and ensures high precision The effect of the combination.

In the aspect of anti fatigue and impact design of sight, Lindu optics uses the simplest and ingenious design to meet the high-strength impact test, and the performance of its mechanical structure remains unchanged. The stability and reliability of the product are improved. The high performance of photoelectric products is guaranteed by high performance.

In terms of waterproof design, the waterproof structure designed by Lindu optics is simple and ingenious. In the case that the waterproofing of the same industry has not reached the level of IP67, the waterproofing of Lindu optics products has reached the level of ip7x / ip8x. It has laid a solid foundation for the underwater use of photoelectric products. In addition, Lindu optics soft helmet self-locking adjustment design is the most simple, practical and classic structural design of this kind of structure.

Lindu optics's product appearance design is novel and generous, the structure is small and exquisite, the structural strength is high, the appearance and the handle are good. Its products mainly include low light level hand-held, head wear, sight series products; digital hand-held, digital head wear, digital sight series; thermal image hand-held, head wear, sight series; binocular, monocular, front, rear, and the corresponding soft helmet, bracket and other accessories. Lindu optics has designed a series of photoelectric products with precise structure and various types in photoelectric imaging industry, which is a rare high-quality design team in photoelectric industry.

The product structure system designed by Lindu optics not only has high design index, low design cost and large design redundancy, but also has unique ability in product structure design innovation. Its product assembly structure is simple, structure strength is high, and structure coordination is good, which ensures the good rate and consistency of mass production products.

Based on the design experience and ability of Lindu optics structural design team, we not only ensure the excellent quality and cost advantage of Lindu optics products, but also design customized and personalized products that fully meet the needs of customers according to the wishes of customers, laying a solid foundation for the market promotion of customers.