No matter what kind of products, as long as they are related to electronics, they are inseparable from electronics and supporting software. The stability of the electronic system and software is the key to the success of the product. The electronic software and hardware design team of Lindu optics, with more than 20 years of experience in electronic software and hardware development and design, is of great significance to the performance, quality and stability of optoelectronic products.

The performance of a photoelectric product is good or bad, in addition to the advantages of Optics and structural design, the function and stability of electronic and software are particularly important! Electronics and software are the soul of products. The intellectualization of products and the realization of functions are realized by electronic software.

Lindu Optics electronic software design team has made important contributions to the advanced performance of Lindu products. We have designed the detection and control system of various low light level products, the high voltage shutter power supply for night vision, the video processing system of day and night digital sight, and the application software and hardware of thermal image product system. Lindu optics's electronic software design is at the forefront of the industry.

Lindu Optics The product electronic software system designed not only has high design index, low design cost, large design redundancy, low power consumption, stable and reliable performance, but also has unique ability in product function design innovation; such as non-contact head wear turnover detection, electronic analog optical zoom and other technologies, which are ingenious in design, simple in implementation, stable in performance and good in producibility. The good rate and consistency of mass production products are ensured.

Based on the design experience and ability of Lindu optics electronic software design team, we not only ensure the excellent quality and cost advantage of Lindu optics products, but also design customized and personalized products that fully meet the needs of customers according to the wishes of customers, laying a solid foundation for the market promotion of customers..