PVS 31 NVG FOV 50°

  • MODEL:  LDNV008N
  • BODY COLOR: Black

Wholesale PVS31 housing kit(optics included) and complete device.

It fit MX-10160 tube or other same size tube, tube drawing as below image

Night vision monocular drawing

Main Features:

1. Light weight 480g with tubes;
2. IP65 waterproof standard (IP67 optional);
3. Automatic shut off when flipped side, save power when not use;;
4. Build-in IR light;;
5. Power switch offer ON/IR/AUTO working mode;
6. Strong light auto shut off;
7. Eyepiece lens and objective lens coated with demist coating;
8. Offer sacrificial windows(optional);
9. IR LED indicator and low battery LED indicator;
10. Offer 3X and 5X magnifier lens(optional);
11. Large IPD range;
12. Battery packs can connect;
13. Manual gain control version is optional;


This model body similar like PVS 31, its FOV 50° better than PVS 31 original night vision goggles model. It utilize two high performance image intensifier tubes to provide extremely clear and crisp images under the darkest conditions. Below video show the night effect with gen 2+ image tube. It use the same size image intensifer tubes as our Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles.


Please send inquiry in below contact form,  and tell the version type you are interested in.


Image intensifier Gen2+ / gen 3
Magnification 1X
Type Rotating binocular
Rotating test Auto, flip up auto shut off
Battery type Lithium batteries CR123x1
Voltage range 2.6-4.2V
Control type ON/IR/AUTO
FOV(degree) 50 ±2 degree
Power <0.1W
Battery capacity 800-3200maH
Continue working time 40-100H
Parallelism of optical axes <0.1°
Optical aperture F1.18 22.5mm
Rollover detection Solid non-contact automatic detection
Optical MTF 120LP/mm
Optical distortion 3% Max
Relative Illumination >75%
Lens coating FMC
Focus range 0.25M–∞