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New Technology on Night Vision Goggles


As known that night vision devices design engineers take a lot of attention on lowing the weight, but in the troditional night vision goggles design, under the limitation on strengh and material, it could not low a lot, especially on using gpnvg18 quad tubes night vision goggles, users always use counter weight at the same time.

In order to let users bear low weight and offer comfortable head mounted experience, our engineers taken a lot of effort on design, finally, we LinduNV breaked traditional design concepts and methods, designed a new folding optical path system, move the center of gravity backwards, reduced the weight on the neck by 50%, the new goggles's name LD-NVG22.

Considering the trend in the future, more and more people want a fusion device which night vision devices together with thermal imaging, our engineer also design the thermal imaging module on the device, the device also support battery packs which offer long power supply.

Please see the below video show:

LD-NVG22 link: