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Introduce on Tactical Soft Helmet


Our tactical soft helmet is a reference to the United States active military soft helmet as the blueprint, based on thecharacteristics of the Oriental head upgrade design to suit the Oriental use of professional soft helmet. The redesigned products have their own intellectual property rights, and they already have patentprotection.The special soft helmet has the characteristics of comfortable wearing, convenient adjustment, complete function and durability. Its interface and function can be interchanged with thegeneral bullet-proof helmet. It is especially suitable for the head-wearing equipment of special combatforces.

Product characteristics:

1.This product adopts the latest ergonomic design to make wearing comfortable and safe.

2.Multi-directional self-locking adjustment is adopted, which is suitable for users with different headtypes.

3.Multifunctional hanger enables this product to mount more equipment and equipment.

4.The combination of high-strength industrial plastics and self-lubricating high-toughness plastics,together with comfortable and breathable lining, makes the product durable and comfortable.

It can fit almost night vision and its mounts in the market like PVS 14, PVS 7, PVS 31, GPNVG 18 etc