Night Vision Fusion Thermal Imaging Goggles

  • MODEL:  LDNV003T
  • BODY COLOR: Black

This night vision goggles fusion the thermal imaging mold, it is more stable than a clip on thermal imaging, both function operated seperately, it is the highest cost effective fusion night vision in the world market.



1.All metal housing, with excellent performance, small size, light weight .
2. Eyepiece spacing adjustable and we achieved Flip up down ON/OFF .
3. Optional configuration: night vision video output, Wifi transmission can be achieved through Wifi signal transmitter .
4. The magnification can be changed by changing the objective lens (or connecting the multiplier lens)
5. Built-in IR , adjusting the light spot size.
6. In the auto mode, the IR is adjusted by environment brightness .
7. Thermal imaging function is easy to use , one-button switch, easy to operate.
8. Various thermal imaging modes, thermal imaging covers the full screen .
9. Built-in indicator light, prompt switch position function, low power indicator light keeps blinking.
10. Can be upgraded to low-light thermal fusion version with video output.


Image intensifier Gen2+/gen3
Magnification 1X
FOV(degree) 40±3
View distance(M) 200-250/250-300
IPD range 60-70mm
Diopter range ±5
Optical system F1.2, 25mm
Lens coating Fully multilayer broadband coating
Distance range(M) 0.25–∞
Auto anti strong light High sensitivity broadband detection
Rollover detection Solid non-contact automatic detection
Size(No eyeshade) 130x130x69mm
Material Aviation aluminum
Weight (no battery) 393g
Battery Voltage 2.6-4.2V
Battery type AA (2)
Battery life(H) 80(IR OFF)    40(IR ON)
Temperature range(℃) -40/+50
Humidity range 5%-98%
Waterproof IP65(IP67 optional)

Thermal imaging module parameters

Type of sensor Unrefrigerated long wave infrared thermal radiometer
Detector resolution 384×288
Applicable wavelength 8-12um
Objective lens focal length fixed-focus
Objective aperture F1.0
Brightness Adjustable
Focusing distance 250mm~∞
Image mode White heat/black heat/green bottom/red/hook edge
Detection distance: (1.7M people) Detection range: 450M Identification range: 350M