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Build in China made Gen2+ tube night vision monocular


The following picture is from a customer’s feedback for the product with Chinese Gen2+ tube night vision monocular, he said it worked perfectly,very liked it, would do business with us in the future

Build in China made Lindu optics Gen2+ tube night vision monocular night effect

For this night vision monocular, there are two kinds of different Gen2+ tubes for your choose: One is Russian imported Gen2+ tube, resolution is 51; another is Chinese made Gen2+ tube, resolution 60.

As above resolution show, Chinese Gen2+ tube is better than Russian Gen2+ tube in the image clarity, we also show the 2 different tubes night effect video show to customer.

For personal use, it will be a good and economic choice to buy the product with Chinese made Gen2+ tube(resolution 60) in the long run.

1.You will view more clearer image;

2. Aviation aluminum alloy housing, make it impact resistance, strong and durable;

3. Small size and lightweight, no weight sense on the head