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May you also meet question on binoculars rangefinder


Q1. The customer wants a binoculars rangefinder that could be used for hunting.

A1. Yes, LDRF001 this binoculars laser rangefinder binoculars is special designed for hunting, it also can be used on military.

Q2. The customer wants to know the light transmittance of the binoculars rangefinder, because his hunting time is usually at dusk or dawn.

A2. Yes, our laser range finder uses HD fully multi coating lens, BAK4 prism with high precision, which can meet the customer needs. In addition, our rangefinder has the function of night vision, and it is no problem to use it at dusk and dawn.

Q3. The customer wants to know that this binoculars laser rangefinder has several options for measuring distances.

A3. Our binoculars laser rangefinder has three distances of 1500 meters, 1800 meters and 2000 meters to choose from. In addition, it can also be equipped with night vision function.